Welcome to the Page of Tomodachi   ^_^

Frequently Asked Questions :

1) What is Tomodachi ?

Tomodachi is my Favorite guild to stay . Leaded by the Great rOtiJon and his Wife – rOtiJade

2) Who is Jon?

Jon is the guildMaster of Tomodachi , He’s pro 😛 , and he got kidney failure cause he wash HP LOLOL (Tio Slap) XD

Do you know that Jon spent around 1,000 SGD to wash his HP to 7.5k base?

3)Why Do you like Tomodachi?

Because Tomodachi means Friends , And indeed the members inside did have their Tomodachi Sprite.

The Feelings like UndiePatrol of GMS , It’s a wonderful guild. Although it’s not on ranking , but we are not weak either.

4) Why i like jon ?

He’s Kind and Generous , He gave me a wa2 luk2 pwg LOL :X and entrusted me to promote me as a jr.

5)What is so special about Tomodachi ?

Fun and Enjoyable Experience and active for certain advantages bossing like Sam-ing Ahma-ing Scarlion Targa

It ‘s Depends on the Organizer ‘s mood . And we always chat , we always help you.

6)Can i join Tomodachi too ?

Mostly Normally if you dont have bad backgrounds or notorious for certain behaviours , it’s easy to join us.

But due to insufficient slots in Tomodachi , Always full , Any Characters (Sub-Characters)  will be subbed under Itsumo (Our Aliance)

If you want to join , you can always PM me or Jon.

7)What is Itsumo ?

Itsumo is our great Aliance , the GuildMaster is jon too , Itsumo means Forever

Tomodachi + Itsumo = Friends Forever

Wasnt it sounds great ?

8)How Pro is rOtiJon ? I want to mess with him , yeah i am that arrogant and Guai-lan and retarded and Selfish .

Well Jon owns the most godly Dragon sleve in Delphinus History , The stats (SECRETS) , but not much people can survive from his Claws , FFA-ed too seriously

Guild Achievements :
-To be Famous
-To have a handsome , cool , pro GuildMasters
-To Have Active , Nice Guild Members
-To Have a good Jr. like me (LOL DONT VOMIT PLSSS T.T)

The Moral Values of T.O.M.O.D.A.C.H.I
(ManaRity Productions)
T- Tolerate Mistakes made by each others.
O-Operative and willing to help each others
M-Motivate us when we are in need
O-Often to communicate smile / cry / etc with us.
D-Definitely “Yes” When we request you
A-Admire the Good Points of every members
C- Come For us when we are in not
H-Hello Goes for miles
I- Identify Right or Wrong



  1. Wow~ Wata nice guild ^^ I think that I’ve saw this GUILD b4 O.O
    And, I also play Delphinus ^u^ My GUILD is ‘TRUST’. We don’t have a alliance 😦
    bb~ Nice blog *u*

  2. lol nice , your short novel is pretty fun to read as well as i dont often see people mixing the real world with maplestory in novels XP. Aww , your guild sounds nice however it is a pity that i am playing in bootes =.=” i love japanese songs and stuff along those lines as well.

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