MapleStory Heroes : Timeless and Spaceless Crystal

~Manarity Productions~

<<Maple Story Heroes : The Timeless and the Spaceless Crystals >>

Chapter 3 : Meet the Queen – Cygnus

As the light vanished , I was lying on a grass field , birds were chirping happily , I could hear the water lapping clearly , the air was scented by roses , the wind was blowing the sweet scents to me , it was great ! The air was so fresh , the grass was so soft and nice to lie on.

“Hmmm , Where am I ? Why this place is so familiar to me?” I saw this scene before.. somewhere.. but I could not remember it..

“This is Erev” I heard someone saying it behind me .

“Who was that ?” I stood up and turned back quickly. It was a fine young man , looked wise, with a short , light blue hair and a hard-covered book on his left hand , looked at me with suspicion. Why was he looking at me like that?

“Shouldn’t it be my question to ask you ?” This young man asked me instead.
“Are you the member of Black Wings? Erev is not a place to fool with ! ” He continued his counter-attacking on me .
“Speak for yourself ” I did not know what should I do now , I stood-still , didn’t even say a single word.

“Oh , come on Nineheart , don’t bully him” A girl walked out from the bushes. She looked like a magician. Having a red cloak , holding a staff with a giant lava-red orb , her eyes was so red , she had a very sweet smile.
“Sorry ,  Evan , Nineheart is always like that , Inquisitive and very suspective , well he was just doing his job , I hope you don’t mind , I am Esther , This is Nineheart the strategist of Erev” Esther explained and introduce herself and also Nineheart.

“The meeting is starting soon , Let’s go , fellow companions ” She summoned out a Titio , I was pretty sure it was a Titio , and I could not believe – I WAS inside a MapleWorld.
“Come on , don’t be shy” Esther took my hand and pulled my up to the saddle.
“Hold on , We will be there soon , Relax, I will use the optimized speed” Esther asked me to ride with her together.
“Go , Titio , Run ! Run to the hall of Cygnus” Titio ran as fast as lightning after it heard the command.
” THIS IS NOT OPTIMIZED SPEED !! SLOWDOWN !!!” It was too fast , and it almost tossed me away !
“We will be there in a blinking of eyes”
On the way I saw many things , I saw the cute little tinos eating some ripe apples and the purple Timus jumping around with Tigurus .
We reached the hall of Cygnus in a short while . There was a lot of people there . There were citizens of Erev and some leaders from other regions discussing on a small stone stage near the sleeping Divine Bird. The Queen – Cygnus was speaking.

“Oh , Evan , the legendary heroes , you are here , Come , We are having  an important meeting here” Cygnus invited me to join the meeting. I observed the people there while  I walked towards the stage.
“Fellow comrades , I , Cygnus , introduce you all , The legendary hero and also the dragon master – Evan !” Cygnus introduced me with “luxurious” phrases. Everyone gave me a great applause. Hmm , When was the last time I got such great applause ? It sounded so wonderful.

“I am the Queen- Cygnus , Welcome to the maple world !” Cygnus welcomed us with open arms.
“Where had everyone went ?” I was really urge to know where were they
“My parents , Friends , Teachers, etc”
“They were frozen in my cube , they are safe and sound” Cygnus showed us a purple 5 centimeter long cube .
“The Black magician created crisis everywhere , It will be a tragedy if I let your friends roaming around”
” What do you mean by frozen?”
“I stopped or paused? their time ”
“Please forgive us” Cygnus apologized.
“I really want to go home”
“We will send you home as soon as….”The Queen fainted even though her speech had not been done.
“Oh my god , Your majesty , Are you okay?” NineHeart hold the fainted Cygnus carefully.
“Your Majesty had injured seriously during the fight to protect the Crystals from the threats of The black magician , Even our royal knights are injured , Cygnus still used her last stamina to store everyone on earth into this small cube” After that , Nineheart ordered me to rest under the trees , he put the cube into Cygnus ‘s Body , It was her order to do so.
“This is the key for the VIP room , fellow heroes” Cygnus gave me. It was a key made of pure-gold and a small love made of Sapphire sealed inside.
“By tomorrow ,  exactly the dawn , I will wait you  at the harbor of Erev , A girl will accompany you , We will go to Victoria Island” Nineheart informed us to attend the date tomorrow.

It was a tour to learn each other , to meet the fellow chiefs of Bowmen , Magicians , Warriors , Thieves and also Pirates.
I wondered how could this happen , a boy from a busy and dull school-life suddenly became a hero.
I looked at the beautiful sky with stars twinkling endlessly until I fell asleep.

At the midnight , I was woke up by Nineheart

“Jackie , Good News ! We found 2 more heroes , they are at somewhere else , but Cassandra sensed their existence ! The Master of Robot and the Master of Wild-Hunting”

“Oh Really ? Yeah , Right ! Let me get some proper nap , Can I ?”

“Ok , Fine fine , Good Night though~”


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