MapleStory Heroes : Timeless and Spaceless Crystals-Chapter 2

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<<Maple Story Heroes : The Timeless and the Spaceless Crystals >>

Chapter 2 : The Mafia ! The Fights !

” This will be your doomsday , you and your Icky Knights should leave here at once !” Black witch threatened them in a ridiculous tone to look down their abilities.

” Actions speak louder than words” Esther answered.

“Kiddo , Don’t cast a weak spell in front of Miss Black”

This line pissed Esther off much , Esther dislikes the word “Kiddo” the most. All the people were standing still , like statues , if anyone moves , the war shall begin.

Esther gritted her teeth and she was so angry until she wanted to cut black witch ‘s head down and burn her head into coal.

” I CAN’T STAND IT !” Esther was unable to stand-still for so long and then she launched the war by throwing out a large fire ball at Black Wings.

BackGround Song :

Balroq transformed into a Swordsman and fought with Henry the Soul Master.

Francis the puppeteer summoned rains of ugly dolls to scatter the force.

“Oh , this will be easy , at least my fencing is better than this copycat” Henry teased Balroq while he was defending himself with his Dragon Claymore(Two-Handed Sword).

“Come ! Medusa ! Prepare to petrify the icky Knights ! Kadabuda…. Ahhhhh !!!” Esther knocked black witch ‘s head with her Orb of fire wand before she was able to finish her incantation. It’s  a special wand , it  was Gritto , the Ultimate Magician instructor ‘s Gift , The orb was made up of Zakum ‘s Teardrop , You could imagine how hard it would be..

“Twerp ! How dare you so rude to hit a woman like this !”

“Oh ~ Are you even a woman ?” Esther slapped black witch as soon  as she finished her line.

Black Witch was mad enough to kill Esther, it was really a fearless action.

“Come on ! Your opponent is me , stop using those dirty tricks and fight like a real magician , Please~“ Esther challenged Black Witch.

“Interesting~ Magician on Magician” Black Witch accepted the Challenge.

“Take This !” Esther shotted  out a flame arrow but black witch was able to neglect it.

“You should be honoured to be able to fight with me , The Great Black Witch”

“Oh . my DisRoyal , DisLoyal Lowness , How could i ever make you shut up ?” Esther wanted Black Witch to stop her disgusting speech and then…

“Time to be hot enough ~ METEOR SHOWER !” Esther raised her wand high and then there was rains and rains of meteorites crashing down. Black Witch was instantly knocked out by Esther.

“Please do respect your opponent next time” Esther smiled.

“Brandish !” Henry started waving his Claymore more quickly and slashing Balroq lots of times , Balroq was badly injured and lied on the field unconsciously.

” Today is Thundering Shark Specials , for our little kid-Francis the doll freak ! ” Francis was surrounded by waves of sharks casted by Lunar , he was seriously wounded.

“Today is Poisonous Bats Specials ! For Francis ‘s underlings !” Firdaus and Maanelica were killing the dolls together.It was as easy as ABC.

“Hello , my line was copyrighted , please do not do anything that is against my copyright ” Lunar told Ken not to copy his lines.

“This would be the easiest fight we have ever did ! ” Maanelica was happy of the easy fight.

“Not exactly ! ” Black Magician appeared again…

“I must inform Evan as soon as possible ! ” Aisha hold her palms together and she started glowing…


It was the dawn , the sun was shining in a dim light..My phone started its duty as an alarm clock by ringing itself.

“Awww  , it should be a good night sleep , thanks to that Aisha” I scratched my head while mumbling myself.

I switched on the lights , and i saw some strange symbols writing themselves on my plain blue wall .

“WHAT ON THE WORLD IS THIS !!!” I was horrified , it was just like one of the scene of a horror movie.

“Was it the ghost ? It can’t be ” I was trying to comfort myself.

” As I, Aisha , Predicted that the world shall merged soon by 12am tonight ,  Evan , you should meet up with Aran as soon as possible , please save us !” It was so amusing that i could read the symbols… It was weird that it disappeared as soon as I finished reading it..

“Ah nevermind , nevermind , it can be a ridiculous or a dumb trick by those kids nearby” I started my monotonous life as usual… brush my teeth , wash my face, go to school.. more and more , a dull / Black and White office workers ‘ life.

I went into the class , It was a cold day , wind was blowing endlessly , girls were chit-chatting , boys were having some ridiculous games. Those couples were having their “Lovey-Dovey” Morning greet to each other , disgusting …

I put my bag onto my chair and my files into the drawer. I sat down.

“Today will be another boring day” I spoke it to myself . I was walking at the corridors, going to the hall to join the assembly.

All students were standing , all teachers were sitting , how unfair , but never mind , i had made used of it..eventhough my legs were cramping , The teachers continued their speeches endlessly , until  I even started to have day-dreams…

All of sudden , the front doors were opened forcefully ,  A group of Mafia entered… The principal walked towards them quickly. The woman stood at the front … She looked so familiar… Hmmmm , where i had seen it before…

” Please do not interrupt our Assembly , if you wish to meet anyone , please wait until the assembly was over.. ” The Principal requested The mysterious woman to leave the hall and waited us  at the meeting room. The Woman remained quiet..

“That noble pose , that suit , it was the japanese , Kimino … that arrogant face…” It was too familiar…

”Ermmm, Miss, hello  i am talking to you..” The Principal asked the woman for a proper response..

” Well , hand us Evan , we just need to get him” the Mysterious woman was talking about Game Characters? Was she insane ?Or another MapleTard ? But just older…. ?

More and more questions appeared in my mind.

“Who is Evan? I had told you what ? Please meet whoever you want after the assem..”

“SHUT UP !” The Woman interrupted his command.

“Fine , let me finish you as soon as possible , In the name of Mafia of Showa” The Woman raised one of her hand and that pose… Wait a minute ? Showa?

“I KNOW WHO SHE IS !” I was so shocked to know the answer .


All my friends started guessing their identities..
“IT CAN’T BE , FELLOW MAPLETARDS , DON’T BE STUPID !” Our monitor was the book-worm of our class ,  he interrupted our discussions with a critical Critique on our interests on MapleStory.

“Principal ! LOOK OUT !” It was odd that i could suddenly ran very fast … I ran as fast as lightning and pushed Principal away , It was a close shave ,  This woman had a ultimate power of slapping , The Wall nearby was collapsed as soon as she slapped..

” Are you Ah-ma ? The Female boss of Showa?” I walked towards “Ah-ma” and said.

“Yes , I am , Go and die under my slap ! We are the Mafia of Showa , Please give us some respects then you can save your dog live Stop hiding yourself , you are Evan , i am pretty sure”  Our Conversation shocked everyone in the hall ,  My friends ‘ face turned as white as paper , my class teachers were trembling like a leaf.

They can’t accepted the truth , How comes I was a game character of a 2D game while a monster from  such 2D game appeared at their assembly.

” One Person can play this game , Extra Ds and Leader A , Bring all the others peeps out ” Extra D and Leader A pushed the crowds out of the hall.

Everyone was watching , It could be an epic war.. The Principal fainted minutes ago..

” By the way , i am not Evan” I tried to clarify my identity but ah-ma seemed to refuse to listen to me.

” Just fight like a hero ” Ah-ma demanded me to start a fight  with her.

Oh Come on , this is too insane , how comes  an unarmed person can fight Ah-ma , one can pass away under her single slap.

Ah-ma took out her revolver and started shotting , i ran away quickly , Ah-ma chased me , She could walk so fast ! That’s more amazing ..

At last , I was stucked at the corner , It would be my doomsday , Maybe i should defend myself.. Ah-ma was ready to give a head-shot anytime.

I raised my hand and my palm was facing her.

“Come on , Show me some power , Or Aren’t you really Evan?” Ah-ma teased me and she shotted out an Armor Piercing bullet .

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I screamed. It was surprising  that I started to feel warmness coming from my palm.. Then a Fire ball was threw out , The fire ball was so hot to be able to melt the bullet and strike Ah-ma

Ah-ma was knocked out and disappeared in a glaze… Everyone remained calm , they were so amazed… My class teacher had even  fainted while the St-John was having C.P.R on her.

“I think I should go home and rest now..” I fainted as I finished the last syllable of my word..

Everyone ran towards me , My mom drove her car at an extreme-speed as she heard the news. I was lying on my bed for hours..

When i woke up , it’s already the dusk , I had missed my English tuition , I must attend my Malay least..I was almost barely to get myself down the bed.. but i still had some  stamina..

I walked down the stairs slowly and barely to take my heavy bag.

“Jackie , what are you doing ? You should rest on your bed ! You don’t have to go tuition” My mom suggested me to not to go tuition , but  I must go , because i was a hardworking student , hehe~ (I knew that you were puking now , don’t be so silly !)

My mom accepted my request and sent me to the tuition centre , our teacher was Mr.Moses , the great and famous Malay teacher from Bukit Mertajam , Penang , He was Famous for his humorous and practical teaching.. So There was almost around 80 students in a narrow room , How could you imagine it ? He”s gonna be a  Millionaire sooner or later , but he loved charity which was why i respected him much (Opps i think I am abit off-topic , Continue the story !)

We had to wait for the students in previous session to end their class , It would start to be noisy and so crowded at about 7.55pm , My friends treated me as a human shield , and always pushed me upstairs to open a way for them , to snatch their chairs(In order to be seated , since the chairs are not enough).

So , As usual i was pushed upstairs , this time was the worst time ever , not even my friends , even the Indians from other schools started mimicking our strategy , pushed more forcefully ,The power was doubled , It was a crazy crowd. Even girls were not respected , they were treated as ping-pong balls , pushing here-pushing there , some victims were pushed towards the wall and wounded . I almost crashed on some of my Form-4 Seniors (Do you know that Social for Senior- Junior is SO-SO-SO important?)

“GUYS DON’T BE SO DUMB !” I shouted

“We don’t care , just asist us to get seated” My friend said.

“Awww this is suffering…

……………help … help…”

“Why are you being so ‘helpless’ here?” Kelvin asked me

What a blur friend he was , I was becoming a canned sardine ? and he could not see it ? ah ! NeverMind

So I had my tuition as usual , Mr.Moses counter-attacked our voice-box with his jokes , they were funny. I was going to faint when i was home , This is more exhausted than “Exhausted” , I lied on my bed and fall asleep again..
I was so fed up of  such monotonous life , school~Tuition~Sleep~study~study~compete with the others
such dull and boring life could drive me crazy ! How I wish I was the adventurer in Maple world , traveling around ,  jumping down Eos Tower , breathing the cool air in El nath , admiring the landscape of the other continents at Orbis , hunting bears at Mu lungs , Making new armors for myself at Magatia .
Well sadly ,  all of them were just virtual things, how silly I was to give a thought on being inside a virtual world, but how i wish……how i wish desperately….
The stars were shining in the sky with gentle glows… It’s time to sleep I thought.. At least tomorrow would be Saturday , I could have some times to rest..

“Dong ! Dong !Dong ! Dong !Dong ! Dong !Dong ! Dong !Dong ! Dong !Dong ! Dong !”” As the Clock stroked the 12th Times………..


“This is More easy than i thought” Black Magician spoke to all the defeated Cygnus knight by mimicking Maanelica’s Tone.

“We won’t Give up !” Esther was barely to speak out even a  line.

“This is gonna be your funeral” Their deaths were told by Black Magician.

“Black Magician , don’t forget me !”

“Who are you !!” Black Magician was so bewildered to hear such familiar voice , He started to look around.

It was Cygnus and Nineheart , riding Divine Bird .

“You better leave those Crystals and my Noble knights alone !” Cygnus Warned Black magician to leave.

Black Magician quickly ran to the stage , he was going to take away those Crystals.

“Don’t you dare … ” Nineheart threatened Black Magician.

“So ? You can never get me ! ” Black Magician broke the Spaceless Crystal

The Earth Started to shake !

“Oh No !!!! Quick , Go Warped Our knights to Erev first !  While I go to take pieces of Spaceless Crystal and snatch the Timeless Crystal back from Black Magician !” Cygnus Urged Nineheart to do so.

“Yes,  Your Loyal Highness !” Nineheart accepted the Commands instantly.

Divine bird started to fly so quick , Luckily Cygnus was able to regain the Timeless Crystal.

“The World will start to merge soon !!! As i predicted !!” Aisha was depressed for such situations.

“Come Aisha !” Nineheart pulled Aisha up and took the ride..

“We Must leave quickly ! Warping…. Go !” Nineheart took out a Gold bracelet which had a crystal-blue Jewel sealed on it , They vanished and landed on Erev safely..

“Your Highness , come and see , the Maple World is starting to merge with The Earth” Nineheart pointed at the merging globes and said.


“Oh my Gosh !! The world , What happened to the world !!!” I was afraid of the giant earthquake and the cracking on the floor ..
“Is it really happening ? The world is really merging soon ?!”


“Where will I go ? ” I asked myself with full of anxiousness.



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