MapleStory Heroes : Timeless and Spaceless Crystals Chapter 1

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<<Maple Story Heroes : The Timeless and the Spaceless Crystals >>

Chapter 1 : Aisha from Kamuna

At The Great Mushroom Shrine , inside the well , which leaded you to a giant tree trunk , inside the tree trunk … It’s Kamuna , where lied a girl named Aisha , a Guardian of Time Traveling , who once requested heroes to rewrite the history of  Neo Tokyo , she always covered herself with a purple cloak , a long sky-blue ribbon was tied at the end of the cloak , she had a blond , there was an emerald on her forehead , her face was always full with sadness , she was wishing for others’ helps.

The Adventurers leaders had helped her to rewrite the history and saved Neo Tokyo From the revolt of the Robots decades ago, she had been so worried and panicked, her hand trembled like a leaf. Everyday , there would be lots of people passing by , but none of them ever discovered the secret of the small stone stage near Aisha . What was it inside? What kind of big secret did it have?

Inside the stone stage , there were two legendary crystals which contained powerful auras.

So What is so special about this  Two crystals ?

Timeless Crystal : a Crystal which guards the Time sequence of The Earth and Maple World , The owner can controls the flow of time as he/she likes.

Spaceless Crystal : a Crystal which prevents the barrier between the Earth and the Maple World from shattering which will cause the merging of both worlds

The problem was ,  she was ordered by Ariel – the Goddess and also the Ruler of Maple World centuries ago . to seal the Timeless and the Spaceless Crystals at the chamber at the Forgotten Twilight when  the construction of Timeless Temple had completed , but due to the revolts in Neo Tokyo , she had almost forgotten about it.

As she was praying the god and holding her hands tightly , kneeing  in front of the small stone stage , staring the crystals carefully , she must keep an eye on them until the heroes had sealed the crystals for her , but , outside the tree trunk , there ‘s an evil individual standing , staring at the crystals with full of greediness and determinations on getting them.. He was the Black Magician , a sinister and also a genius in Maple World , he was notorious and wicked , it was really amused that he was the creator of alchemy skills – the great alchemy skills which brought the Maple World to be an advanced and technology-based land . However , he had polluted the past of Maple World – Elin Forest for his evil experiments on alchemy ,  he was also the person in charge for the appearance of Black Slimes in Malaysia and also Singapore , His underling is a group of Magicians which is named as Black Wings.

As Black Magician raised his fingertip and circled around Kamuna , a purple hexagram with a spell-binding circle appeared and surrounded Kamuna. The earth started to shake as the circle shined !

The tree was too old to endure the earthquake. Kamuna would collapse soon !

” Kamuna is collapsing ! It must be the Black Magician that Her highness told me to be careful with centuries ago ! ”  Aisha was so afraid of the advent of the Black Magician , she ran and hid herself in a crack at the wall of the tree since there was no more proper places to hide now.

” Wait , I remembered what Ariel told me last time…

‘ When you are in  deep trouble while guarding the crystals , please do inform the legendary heroes and heroine from the Earth , this is the first thing that you have to do ‘

There is no more time for me to waste , I must inform the heroes from the Earth”

Aisha started using her Telepathy to communicate with Heroes on Earth.


Well , there was only 2 heroes that had been discovered.

Above the mountain , there was a small town , it was at night ,  it was a tranquil town , with enthusiastic people ,  the town was so  quiet at that night , a romantic night.. the wind was blowing , the leaves were dancing with the wind , the grasshoppers were making a rhythm.

I was sleeping at my warm bed , having a sweet dream , dreaming that i was the legendary hero – Evan , riding a dragon . flying in the skies , looking at the bird-view in Orbis. Suddenly , my hand phone rang. The phone rang with my favorite ring tone – <Kaeru Basho> by Aoyama Thelma , it was the theme song of Doraemon 30th anniversary movie.

I took the phone quickly and answered.

(Translated by Google Translator)

I was so shocked that a Japanese girl called me , I was shocked by her 1st line..
“私のヘルプ!”(Help me)

I hold my phone there , my face turned as white as sheet instantly… What had happened ?

Why there was a girl from Japan calling me ? Asking me for helps ? Is it an international crime ?

“Mushi , Mushi ? Mushi Mushi !!) (Hello , Hello ?Hellooo !!)
(Luckily i did studied about some Japanese)
“あなたはだれ?” (Who Are You?) I answered immediately with anxiousness.
“あなたが英語を話すことができますか?” (Can you speak English?) I requested her to speak in English or there would be a communication disaster later .
“Okay , i am Aisha , They are coming ! The Black Magician ! Evan , Do come here with Mir , I need your help desperately” She urged me to help , but ..

“Evan ? Weren’t Evan a class of the game – Maple Story ? I am not Evan , i am just an ordinary boy” I explained to her to show that i could not help her .. ( Lol )

“My telepathy has never gone wrong , i am pretty sure that you are Evan , The World are merging soon…” She replied me..
“PLEASE COME HELP ME N…O…W..” (The signal is getting weaker)
“Who are they , where are you ?” I Shockingly asked.
“The..w..or..ldd are Merging … s..oo..n,  iiii..Warnnn…..” I was barely to hear a single word.
“Pl..eeeaaaa.sssseeee cccc..oo…. ssaaa..vv..eee ussss”
And after the last syllable that Aisha said , I heard a scream and some explosions and the phone was hanged.

I lied on my bed and started thinking about it..

There was a lot of questions appearing in my brain ,

Who was this Aisha ? Where was Kamuna ? Why was she calling me Evan ? Was this an April Fool ‘s prank ? Wait a minute , today wasn’t April Fool.. I wondered was this a international Crime ? The Black Magician ? Why was a game  character appearing here ? Or Aisha was being insane ? She ‘s Crazy ? Did she has a mental problem ?

And she knew Telepathy ? Was she a magician ? a fortune-teller ?

Well , if there was a real Maple World at No-Where , All things did made senses..

“Jackie , it’s too late for you to talk on phone now , sleep now or i will give you a good ticking off ” My mom asked me to sleep after she had knocked at the door to gain my attention.

Oh my gosh !  I had thought too much until i did not notice that I was mumbling to myself.. O.o

“Okay , mom ” I was not rebellious , so.. i listened to my mom , i am obedient okay ?

After that , I continued my sleep… It was not a good sleep though , such incident had happened to me.


” You can hide no where , I am not a 3-year-old kid ” Black Magician told Aisha as he burned the whole lay of tree-bark with his flaming spells.

” You can get the crystals OVER MY DEAD BODY ” Aisha answered Black Magician grudgingly.

“It is as easy as stealing a candy from a kid to kill you , i don’t have to kill you with my own hands , Black Witch , finished her for me ” Black Magician had summoned the head of Black Wings – Black Witch

“It is a glory for you to become a beautiful statue with my petrifying spells ” Black Witch spoke to Aisha in a snobbish tone as she started waving her hands to cast the spell..

“Ariel , i am sorry that i can’t protect the crystals for you..” Aisha felt guilty for her inability.

“It is always not late for apologies” A guy stood at the higher platform and comforted Aisha with a smile.

“Who Are You ? ” Black Witch stopped her spells and asked.

“We are your Nightmares , I am Lunar , The Knight of Cygnus” Lunar told her his indentidy.

“Knight.. of Cygnus ?! Hahahahaha , Aren’t you the person who became a block of stones last time, a bunch of Kiddy-knights leaded by a 10-year-old girl?” Black Witch teased them.

“They are my seniors , we are the 2nd generations of the Royal knights”.

“Oh Really ? Let me See how much you have , there won’t be letup from me ” Black Witch challenged her.

“I am not alone , Henry, Esther, Maanelica , Firdaus , prepare for some boar hunting ” Lunar called up the other knights. The other 4 knights emerged from different colors of auroras.

“You are done now , Black Witch ! ” Henry laughed at his sure-victory.

“Don’t forget tat i have my ‘loyal knights’ too , Balroq , Francis ! Appear now to show them your power !”

Balroq the master of transformation and Francis the Puppeteer appeared as soon as Black Witch finished her speech.

“Where is Black Magician , is he Afraid of the so-called ‘kiddy-knights’ ? ” Esther laughed at the disappearance of Black Magician.

“We will do our job for him , it’s too easy to finish you all , he don’t have to tarnish his hands for you.” Black Witch was so proud of her power.

“I shall finish you within seconds ” Esther launched their fights with her line.

Well a fight between Magician and Magician , how epic would it be ?




  1. Where me? D=
    Where is my beautiful cool scene ?
    I tot we are the main characters , so we shud appear tgt )=

    • Arggh u will appear in Chapter 2 ==

  2. YAWNS~ =.=

  3. un oh~ after Evan out heres comes Maple Dual Blades job XD

  4. Wow, everything worked out like it is in the game. And…… I like the song too! I am a Doraemon Fan, How you find the song? And do you know what is the name of the other song? I want to find it!!! ><

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