MapleStory Heroes : Timeless and the Spaceless Crystals Chapter 6

~Manarity Productions~

<<Maple Story Heroes : The Timeless and the Spaceless Crystals >>

Chapter 6 : The End of the Trip..

We arrived in Henesys not so long later , Nineheart paid the driver 10,000 mesos and the driver was too shocked to see such amount of mesos .

“This is what you get when you had served the veterans of Her Highness” Nineheart told him to keep the 10,000 mesos , the driver sang happily while driving his cab away.

“Ahem , We are not the old ” I said it while I kicked Nineheart ‘s leg.

“Ouch ! That’s painful indeed , you are not old but experienced” Nineheart answered me while he was holding his leg and hopped around.

“Alright , The last stop of our trip, Henesys” Rina stared at the giant tree house at the Henesys Park with full of excitement.

“So who’s the present leader of Pirate and also bowmen?” I asked curiously.

“For pirates , It’s Krunchy , the sailors at Nautilus called him as ‘The great fist and shot” , Although he has a weird name, he  can cause a crisis for those victims , strong indeed”

“There’s one great invention called Summary , can you summarize all those nonsense?” I teased at his nags.

“Shut the (Censor) up ! Listen to me” My teasers were the last straw for him , he was really angry , Imagine a gentleman who scolds vulgar, horrible..

“For Bowmen , It is Reyn , the villagers worship his ability and named him “The Hurricane of Accuracy. Well , both of them have weird names… but we must show them some respects since they are our comrades too.” Nineheart closed his book and looked at us

“alright Lady and Gentleman , shall we proceed?” Nineheart walked towards the wooden door and had  a knock on it

“So , are they G… ?” Rina whispered me in a very very very low voice

“What ? I beg your pardon?” Nineheart turned back and looked at Rina angrily

“Miss Rina , Can you repeat your mischief on your line just now?”

“Nothing..Nothing Of course , hahahaha~” Rina had cold feet , a giant drop of sweat from her forehead as Nineheart looked at him fiercely.


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