MapleStory Heroes : Timeless and Spaceless Crystals Chapter 5

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<<Maple Story Heroes : The Timeless and the Spaceless Crystals >>

Chapter 5 : Trip of  Knowing in Victoria Island – Meet Brian and Edwin

We were chit-chatting inside the cab happily while Nineheart was reading his book . Perion was a town at the highest point of Victoria Island . It was a mountain cliffs and found by Dances with Balrog – The 1st Chief of Swordsmen. The Cliff is now named Perion and developing greatly. The present Chief of Swordsmen is Brian. A brave and bold man , with a strong muscular body and  a tanned skin  . Well , that’s what the “1-Day-Tour of Victoria Island” Book stated. The book was written by Ninehearts .

“Nineheart , what book are you reading ” Serena asked.
“Please give me some privacy , i want to read it myself ” Nineheart refused to tell .
“Is it an album of Cygnus ? With many many many many many Cygnus ‘s photos inside?” I asked purposely

Nineheart gave a big blush on his face. It seemed like I had made a pretty accurate guess. =P
“It is an important record of Erev , and you have no authority to read it” Nineheart remained quiet after he said that.

” Nah ~ Who don’t know that Mr.Nineheart Von Rubistein loves Cygnus the Queen so much so much so much~?” I said it and hugged myself , showing a enjoyed look to him

“REALLY !! I AM NOT LYING !!” Nineheart was going to scold vulgar if I continued to do it XD

“Here we are” The Cab driver spoke to us.
The taxi stopped at the entrance of Perion , there was a long stair in front of us. We walked upstairs – to the highest point of Perion. It was quite steep , we took around 20 minutes to reach there. I was tired , no wonder the villagers of Perion had such strong body. At the highest point of Perion , It was the Warriors ‘ hall.
A giant hall made up of rubble and some bricks. The words on the signboard were carved with stones.

We entered the hall quickly and a black-man guided us to enter the main hall . It was Brian who sat on the throne and with another man. Who was that?

There were Timeless swords , spears and several giant pole arms hanged on the wall. It must be the collections of Brian.
“Chief , there were 3 guests waiting here , they were the guests mentioned by Cygnus , The Queen previously” The slave bowed and informed Brian.
“Oh our comrades , come and take a sit ! My Friends”
We took a sit on those bamboo chairs. The chairs were covered with animals’ skin as a cushion , It looked pretty scary to have a tiger skin carpet on the floor .
“May I introduce , I am Brian , The current chief of Perion . And this is..” Brian suddenly stopped his introductions when he introduced this mysterious man.
I felt much suspicious this man. Who would be so stupid to cover his/her face with mask even on hot days like Perion ‘s ? He looked like a ninja. This might be a shady character who coerced Brian just now.

“Oh I had forgotten your name , it had been years ago since we met , What was your name again ? Let me guess – Ricky ? No.. James?”
“My name is Edwin , The chief of Kerning City  and also the thieves” Edwin introduced himself.
“How can you forget my name ? We meet  during the meeting for so many times” Edwin showed his fury on Brian.
“Who knows ? You are the quiet one , I can’t feel your existence sometimes during the meeting ”

Oh my .. I made a wrong guess.. This 2 people were silly enough. They were still my comrades , never mind !
“We just had some reminisce just now, right buddy? ” Brian said it while he hanged his hand onto Edwin ‘s Shoulder.
“I have no interest on boys” Edwin said it when he took away Brian ‘s hand and patted his shoulder.

“Oh yea, Jackie , Cygnus told me to give you this” Brian took out a blue egg and  handed to me . It was a blue egg with dragon patterns on it . It must be the Onyx Dragon egg I saw during the game . I could hear the heart pumping when I lied my ear on it .

“I will help you to take good care of the egg if you don’t mind” Rina told me her hospitality

“Nono , I am the Dragon Master ! I can do it myself of course~”

“Actually Jackie… ” Rina said it with a big blush on her cheek

(I admired you for a long time) Rina said something with her lips moving , but I did not know what in the world is she saying

“What is it ?” I asked

“Oh ! Nothing ! Nothing ! Nothing actually” Trying to hide her face , Rina turned back

“We should be moving to another stop now”

“Go and Meet-up with the chiefs of Bowmen and Pirates  at Henesys , they were waiting for you, take good care of the egg yea , Jackie” Edwin and Brian, waving his hands , saying Good-Bye to us . I replied them with my smile.

Our next stop will be Henesys.

The village of Bowmen. Brian mentioned the chief of Pirates will be there too

Who will that be ?


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