MapleStory Heroes : Timeless and Spaceless Crystals Chapter 4

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<<Maple Story Heroes : The Timeless and the Spaceless Crystals >>

Chapter 4 : Trip of Romance in Victoria Island-Meet Jade

A dim beam of sunlight woke me up , there was mist surrounding Erev every morning , This room had a very special basin , they did not use pipe , they used a hallowed bamboo to collect the dew and lead them to this basin inside the room,there was a pail under the basin as a small water storage. I could see how creative they were. I woke up and I took handful of dew and splashed to my face . Ah ! Cold and refreshing~ Nineheart told me  to change into the new armor that Cygnus previously prepared inside the cupboard yesterday.
It was a wooden cupboard painted in white , the sides of it were covered with iron and lastly painted in yellow. A plain Cygnus design ,  I could see such design everywhere in Erev.  As I opened the cupboard , I saw a very beautiful outfit , It was the Evan headbandimage , Wandimage , armorimage ,glovesimage and shoesimage that we saw in the Cash Shop.  Nineheart said that it was a very expensive outfit , so I must wear it with care , but , Who cares? As heroes , there must be many occasions that I might dirty the outfit. I walked towards the window and lied on the windowsill to have a look to the overwhelming scenes of Erev. It was a quiet morning , I did enjoy looking at the sun-rise , no matter how many times , when a sun raised , It meant a new dawn , when it was a new dawn , it meant a new beginning. The wind was blowing the bushes , I could feel how tranquil was Erev.
I took out my flute and played a short song , It was “MoonLight” by Beethoven , I should play it on a piano , but where could I find a piano in Erev =.= ? A short and wonderful rhythm as a Grand Ceremony of my adventures as a Legendary Heroes,Evan in Maple World.

I heard someone was knocking my door , I went to open the door .

“Good Morning , Mr.Evan , I am Rina , your companion that Nineheart told you previously ” It was a demure girl with a small pink headband on her brown shiny hair . She had a sweet voice , sweet smile and also a pair of sweet dimple. She looked nice , 5/5  If I could rate her.

“Alright , time for us to go to Victoria Island”

We both walked to the harbor since the harbor was just a stone throwing from the VIP room. We reached there within a short while. Nineheart was waiting us near the giant flying-boat. It was a special boat , it had an engine which used Lithium as the fuel, and a pair of oars to control the direction , we hopped on the boat , Nineheart said it would be just a 3-minute-ride. I sat down and started to read some books. The books were all about Victoria Island. We could learn its history and culture.

We landed on Eilinia ‘s jetty. Nineheart told us that this was the town of Magicians – Eilinia , the leader of the town was previously Grendel the Really Old , now his successor was Jade. Nineheart brought us to the Magic Library and he told us something when we were outside of it.
“I normally do not leave Erev and brought strangers for a tour , I did not have much conversations with these chiefs previously , but since you are the heroes and it’s The Queen ‘s order , I think it would be fine to do it”
It seemed like Nineheart was over-reactive and too alert about everything , I guessed he will get Schizophrenia sooner or later.  He knocked the door lightly and Jade opened the door quickly .
“Welcome , Welcome my comrades~ Come in come in” Jade welcomed us enthusiastically . She was very pretty , her gold-emerald earrings were rare one , she was holding Green turtle staff ,  she was wearing a Timeless Myst blue . She invited us to sit down on the sofas while she prepared some snacks for us. Good , I was starving since hours ago. She took a plate for omelet for Nineheart , mine was ham and cheese sandwich , Serena was a bowl of plain porridge , when she had steak for herself !!! =.=

When we were enjoying our gourmet experiences , someone knocked the door.

“I will do it” Jade stood up and ran towards the door immediately.
It was a man with a handsome look , a well-tanned skin , a pair of black eyes , a smoking pipe in his mouth, his claw.. hmm it must be a very powerful purple dragon sleve if i was not mistaken. This man was a smoker and also a strong person… Smoking is unhealthy !!

“Oh Darling , Hi~” Jade hugged her love and filled with happiness. Jade asked her love to take a seat while he introduced himself.
“I am the chief of the Adventurers , My name is Jon , What is your name?” Jon Introduced himself briefly and held Rina ‘s hand and ready to kiss.
” Ummm , Rina?” She had a big blush on her tender cheek.
“Miss Serena ,  oh , where ‘s my manners ? I shall kiss your hand right now  , you looked beautiful today , My angel , May i dated yo…. Awwww !!” Jade , the chief of Magicians pulled Jon ‘s ear with full of furies.
“Okay , HUSBAND, If you are still loyal to me , Go out and hunt some wild boars for me , or today you will be eating Canes” Jade said it in an annoyed tone.
“Fine fine fine , I will do it now , stop pulling my ears !” Jon begged Jade to stop pulling his ears and flash-jumped out of the Magic Library.
“Hahaha~ A love and war during the morning~” I could not stop laughing for it.
“Okay , Nineheart , now you can go all the way down of Eilinia and take a cab to the other towns , I suggest you to the north of Eilinia, Meet the chief of Warriors in Perion” Jade said good-bye to us and left with a smile.
“Isn’t Jade such a good person? I had known her for years , since she was just a apprentice of Grendel The Really Old” Rina said it happily.
“Yea , Let’s take the cab now” Nineheart said it while he pointed at the white cab.
“Hello , This is Regular cab , Is there anything I can help you?” The cab driver served us politely.
“To Perion , Thank you” I told the driver our destination.
“Okay ,  come in the cab now”
“When is your turn to give commands?” Nineheart whispered me with furies.
Perion , A high mountain cliff with swordsmen everywhere. Who would be the Chief ?


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