Dear Readers , i will be attempting to write a novel , it ‘s one of my dreams to write out an interesting novel , it would be 100% better if it was made into a movie 😛 , not possible i think , since I can get a “F” for my Animation skills :O

It’s Named :

Maple Story Heroes : Timeless and the Spaceless Crystals.

All the heroes that you had seen in MapleStory original game are actually replaced with my fellow actors XD
Can be called as 2nd Generation.

~Manarity Productions~

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Characters Introduction:

Main Characters :

Resistances :

BattleMage- xManaphyx Starring as Jackie

A 15-year-old boy who is desperate to make his wish comes true – A real adventure , has an interest in Japanese Songs , most of the people in Maple World thought that he was the Legendary Heroes – Evan , Eventhough he had the Magic powers and was able to merge the power with Mir , but actually he was the protege of the Aura master from Edelstein. His power was lastly found at the great battle.

Wild Hunter-

Mechanic –

Knight of Cygnus :

Soul Master – ZzHeNrYOo Starring as Henry
Flame Wizard – Rarebarbie Starring as Esther
WindBreaker – Maanelica Starring as Maanelica
Night Walker – proTHIEF07 Starring as Firdaus
Striker – xLunarz Starring as Lunar

The Adventurers :

Chief of Adventurers : rOtiJon Starring as Jon
Chief of Magicians  : rOtiJade Starring as Jade
Chief of  Warriors : lLazyHeadl Starring as Brian
Chief of Thieves : StarsHurts Starring as Edwin
Chief of Bowmen : xAnimeboyx Starring as Reyn
Chief of Pirates : iCaptKrunchy starring as Krunchy
Dual Bladers : iBowFlyer starring as Bert

Other Characters :

Aisha – A Girl who is  guarding the time sequences and the legendary Timeless and Spaceless Crystals which should be sealed at the Throne in forgotten twilight for Ariel centuries ago .

Cygnus – A Queen of Erev which rules the Maple World ,  The Chief of  her Royal Knights of Cygnus

Nineheart –  Nineheart Von Rubistein , A Great Wise Young man who is intelligent , who is also a strategist of Erev. He is aware of  outsiders.

Ariel – The goddess and the Ruler of the past Maple World , which was the enemy of The Black Magician

Rina – A villager that lives with the Tino (The bird creature which is made by the Divine bird) in Erev , she was found after the war between Black Magician and Ariel the Goddess

The Villains :

Black Magician : A Wicked Man who is attempt to rule the maple world without hesitating on any attempts

Black Wings : An evil Subordinate under Black Magician , Their members include Puppeteer. Master of Disguise , Black Witch

Puppeteer : The Lowest underling of Black Wings , a short body with a wicked smile , he’s always holding an ugly doll as his weapon , he can use the power of dolls to do anything he want , it’s more like a Voodoo Doll maker.

Master Of Disguise : The 2nd  underling of Black Wings , possess an ability to transform into anybody , anything , which makes us harder to ensure who is the real and who is the fake.

Black Witch : The Strongest and also the chairman of Black Wings , her greatest spell is to cast Petrifying spells to turn enemies into block of stones.


The Trailer is here ! Was it exciting ? View here more sooon for more chapters to be published.

Trailer :

At The Great Mushroom Shrine , inside the well , which leaded you to a giant tree trunk , inside the tree trunk … It’s Kamuna , where lied a girl named Aisha , a Guardian of Time Traveling.
Inside the stone stage , there were two legendary crystals which contained powerful auras.

Timeless Crystal : a Crystal which guards the Time sequence of The Earth and Maple World , The owner can controls the flow of time as he/she likes.
Spaceless Crystal : a Crystal which prevents the barrier between the Earth and the Maple World from shattering which will cause the merging of both worlds.

At That night , I was sleeping , suddenly , my hand phone rang.

“私のヘルプ!”(Help me)
Luckily i did studied about Japanese
“あなたはだれ?” (Who Are You?)
“あなたが英語を話すことができますか?” (Can you speak English?)
“Okay , i am Aisha , THEY ARE COMING !” She urged me to help
“PLEASE COME HELP ME N…O…W..” (The signal is getting weaker)
“Who are they , where are you ?” I Shockingly asked.
“The..w..or..ldd are Merging … s..oo..n”
“Pl..eeeaaaa.sssseeee cccc..oo…. ssaaa..vv..eee ussss”
And after the last syllable that Aisha said , I heard a scream and the phone is interrupted.


At School , It was assembly
“That noble pose , that suit , it was the japanese , Kimino … that arrogant face…” It was too familiar… Who was she ?
“Headmaster , be careful of her slap !”
I took the risk to push him away.
“Go and die under my slap ! We are the Mafia of Showa , Please give us some respects then you can save your dog live ” Female Boss finished her lines after a laugh , then she raised her hand again and ready to slap .
No ! I must protect them !


“I am the Queen- Cygnus , Welcome to the maple world !” Cygnus welcomed us with open arms.
“Where had everyone went ?” I was really urge to know where were they
“My parents , Friends , Teachers, etc”
“They were frozen in my cube , they are safe and sound” Cygnus showed us a purple 5 centimeter long cube .
“The Black magician created crisis everywhere , It will be a tragedy if I let your friends roaming around”
” What do you mean by frozen?”
“I stopped or paused? their time ”
“Please forgive us” Cygnus apologized.
“I really want to go home”
“We will send you home as soon as….”The Queen fainted even though her speech had not been done.
“Oh my god , Your majesty , Are you okay?” NineHeart hold the fainted Cygnus carefully.
“Your Majesty had injured seriously during the fight to protect the Crystals from the threats of The black magician , Even our royal knights are injured , Cygnus still used her last stamina to store everyone on earth into this small cube” After that , Nineheart ordered us to rest under the trees , he put the cube into Cygnus ‘s Body , It was her order to do so.


“I am the chief of the Adventurers , My name is Jon , What is your name?” Jon Introduced himself briefly and held Rina ‘s hand and ready to kiss.
” Ummm , Rina?” Rina was shocked and shy of his action.
“Miss Rina ,  oh , where ‘s my manners ? I shall kiss your hand right now  , you looked beautiful today , My angel , May i dated yo…. Awwww !!” Jade , the chief of Magicians pulled Jon ‘s ear with full of furies.
“Okay , HUSBAND, If you are still loyal to me , Go out and hunt some wild boars for me , or today you will be eating Canes” Jade said it in an annoyed tone.

“Esther where are you !!!” I shouted loudly and looked around .
“She is gone , vanished into thin air ! ” Nineheart told me a cruel truth , I can’t accept it

“I am the Black Magician , Hand out the Crystals now !” Black Magician said it in a very wicked tone and casted the lightning spell on Esther.
“Esther !” I Cried
“She’s Just a small girl who had just became the new job instructor of Flame Wizards. Dont drag her inside the incident !” I Urged Black Magician to release Esther.
“I don’t Care ! Ok , i will give you 3 days to think about it , Meet me at Cliff of Dragon Canyon at the Dawn after 3 days” Black magician dated us.

There is a note on the table near Esther.
“Esther is still very weak.” Maanelica checked her body stats.
“She must had took much suffering.” Lunar took pity on Esther.
“Wait , let me read this note , it must be something with Rina” I opened the note and read, it was a note which brought bad news to me
“Jackie , I will try to save esther . I hope that you can hear good news from me soon
– Your Comrade , Rina”
“This is great , I sensed the war very soon” Nineheart said it in a very depressed tone.


“We must fight to save Esther and Rina!” I stood at the cliff , looking Black magician riding his dragon escaping.

“Are you nuts ? We can’t fly ! Even if we try , we can just die !” Reyn told me not to try.
The burning dragon forest , Serena imprisoned , the Crystals , the safety of both worlds , NO I must not give up !
“Here , young man , I have a special potion” Matada passed me a secret potion.
I drank it , and I found that  there was a  pair of wings growing and glowing at my back !
“It must be the Soaring that Nineheart told us !” Lunar was shocked of such found !
“Let’s Go now ! There’s no time left”
“Go !!”


“The Ice Queen , Summon your Storms without any mercy now !” Black Magician cased a blizzard which knocked out everyone.
“Go , my men , Catch them !”
“Oh my gosh ! i was the only one who survived?!” I was shocked !
“Oh , Evan , Great survival , nobody can simply survive from my blizzard , You have the potential to become my great man” Black Magician Praised me , i wondered why
“Lai , Be more obedient , hand out the Crystals then i will release your friends and leave you those ridiculous , disgusting Tomodachi Friends alone , I shall rule the world with a better way” Black Magician gave an excuse and teased Tomodachi till the ground which pissed me off.
“I will not do it ! ” I hold the crystals in my hand tightly.
“HAND IT NOW !” Black magician started to urge me.
“NEVER” I refused it Stubbornly.
“Fine , is you who force me to do it in a violence way”
“Zakum , Take a Deep Breathe and make a large exhalation on Evan For my sake!” Black magician started to cast a spell again.
A Large fire ball flied to me Quickly , I was badly injured , i am barely to move my hands , cant even …. cast a spell >.< … I think i am doomed , Is there miracle ?!
“HMPH ! Time for me to show up again !” A mysterious man appeared and used his blade and dagger to slam away the fireball.
“Who are you !” Black magician felt irritated about it .
“Me ? I am the legendary Adventurers , Dual Bladers , You can call me Bert if you like” Bert answered it in an arrogant tone.
“Well , let me see how much you have learned” Black magician made a sarcastic comment on Bert.
“Bring it on , i am ready to slash your hands down , let me see , without your hands can you even survived?” Bert teased black magician.
“Jackie, bring the crystals now , here some potions , drink it ” Bert whispered to me and handed me an onyx apple and a Power elixir.
I drank the elixir and ate the apple heartily , my wounds were recovered.
I cased Mystic Door Quickly and reached Timeless Temple : Three Doors
Timeless Temple was the temple for Ariel , as a token of remembrance for her.
I ran towards the path of oblivion as quick as lightning.


“Don’t ever think that it is so easy to seal the crystals” Black Magician appeared suddenly in front of  Pink Bean ‘s Throne

” Ah-ha !” He ran towards me swiftly and took his staff trying to give me a slash

“CHHIIIIINNGGG” I took out my Staff and stopped his attack . We used our best strength to try to hit each others

“Why you never give up ?” Black Magician asked

“Because I am born to do this ! To Eliminate you !” I shouted and my Overall  became black in colour with a purple glow.

“What is this ?” Black  Magician was so shocked to see such reactions

Official Theme Song :
(Starting Song)
青山テルマ-《そばにいるね 》

(Ending Song)

Interlude :
Breaking Benjamins – Until the End !


More and More !
Start Reading the Story now !
Be the Maple Style~
Be The ManaRity Style !



  1. Not bad for a trailer. Maybe you can add some desciptive vocabulary in the story. It will make it look better.

  2. *Winks* Pls continue~ D=

  3. Remember your grammer ! x.x

  4. Wahahaha got novel. Saw ur forum id decided to stalk. Nice story. Although i noticed several grammatical errors =) Could be better but jy anyways!

    • Stalking is not good for health F3

  5. hi manaphy im proTHIEF07 ur novel so cool i hope u continue

  6. hey why nevr write liao? T3T

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