Posted by: xmanaphyx | August 19, 2010

Some Changes were made~~

These days , I was busy preparing for my PMR(O-Level in Singapore) exam , before this tremendous , important , scary test approaches , there will be Trial (Made by JPN , The ministry of educations) and Pra-PMR(Can be counted as the Pre-Exam of PMR , made by our school)


The changes I stated at the title are

The changes in Characters , Legendary Heroes were removed , and added in Resistance instead

Because the Legendary Heroes series were not fully listed and made byNexon

Resistance would be much suitable to join the force to save the Maple World , because Resistance can make more

combative actions and more to make the story much more epic

And to put in Resistance , I’ll have to make some changes in the story. Come and view them~

but , Jackie will still be Evan the Dragon Master at 1st

Sorry for being inactive , The Trial exam was approaching that time and I am very busy to handle them

And the good news was The Novel related to Big Bang update will release after <<MapleStory Heroes : Timeless and Spaceless Crystals>> Ends

This time , The theme songs and Interludes , I don’t care was it released in other movies or what , I will pick my favorite  songs

For the own good of myself and fellow readers , Cheers~



  1. When the temple finally settles on the surface of the ocean, May opens up the pod door. Ash has saved Samiya, but May is afraid that he drowned in the process. But something comes from the ocean behind May. Phantom pops up from the surface from his torpedo, grabbing Manaphy and soon makes a getaway. Phantom has an easy time at first, but then a yellow energy beam shoots out from the water and begins following Phantom. There’s someone inside the energy beam though, and it’s Ash! He pursues Phantom while the water Pokémon in the ocean begin gathering. As Phantom dives down beneath in hopes to avoid Ash, he’s blocked by a school of Remoraid. Taking advantage of the pirate’s surprise, Ash takes Manaphy away. He swims away, surprised at how many Pokémon have gathered; even the legendary Kyogre has appeared!

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