Posted by: xmanaphyx | June 5, 2010

When Manaphy becomes ManaRity…

Hello guys~ oh Great , The Exam has finally finished , how good is it , enjoy the freedoms
So I started my evan 2 days ago , you asked what happened to the bug ?
Well , yes I made my evan since the first day it was released , I remade , Why ? I planned to remake it even BEFORE the bug occurred.
Why I remake Evan ?
1) That time , the populations of Evan were very very very high , everyone was looking for a pair of Squashy shoes , caused them to have a low drop rate , in other words – looked like it was out-of-stock.
There were no shoes , i was already pissed off.

2) A Lot of people came PQing , most of them requested for Camp PQ.
Camp PQ means everyone stays at stage one , hunt the buffed ligators due to their high EXP.

3) Okay , fine , then i achieved Lv31 , without the shoes. I went MC and there were Evans everywhere , I shouted there for days and nights , nobody even invited me to join their party. Even I found my party , i found that i had added the wrong skill , i put most skill points on Lightning bolt (A good bossing skill but  due to its very slow casting-speed , it was like a junk skill) and forgot to add most to Magic Guard . (Every magicians knew that Magic Guard is our life-span saver)

4) Then , the bug occurred , I already planned to delete it since it was just blocked . Now Pre-made evans are bugged , R.I.P for them , and L.H.E.A(Live Happily Ever After) for me .

5)When Evan was just released , Utah ‘s Farm(As a tutorial Map) was flooded with people , It stressed me and it rushed me to finish whole tutorial , Not enjoyable either… It was better when you did your tutorial in a suitable speed and read the story-lines to understand Evan.

Well , i never regret for remaking my Evan. After I remade my Evan , it was when the bug occurred , Wonderful ! The populations of Evan had dropped around 40% , lesser Evan , lesser crisis ..

I got my pairs of Squashy shoes , Yes 2 pairs of shoes , 1st one was Luk+2 , 2nd one was just a simple normal average shoe.

I was pleased , because I skipped Evan quests and went Kerning PQ  1st .

I was pleased , because I maxed my Magic Guard 1st , it made my Carnival-days better~

As I planned with my dear , RebornWinter , to marry sooner or later , Aran + Evan , Just wait till I got myself cashy and achieved a higher-level.


So these days , I did some Evan Quests , The story-lines looked fine for me. Mir encouraged his master , me ,  Evan to help the people in the world

We helped Chief Stan in Henesys , Chief Stan called us Well-Behaved Child.

We joined Perion Guard in Perion , Mike and Luke admired our capable actions.

We helped Nella and the others in Kerning City , we were announced as the “Honorable Citizen in Kerning City”

Well , Mir and Evan were naive , While investigating the missing herbs of Sabitrama in Sleepywood , They went Puppeteer ‘s Abandoned cave.

With a broken stone stage , they saw an ugly doll , the doll said that they were good guys who helped people and without leaving their names and surprisingly Evan believed them and joined them.

While joining them , Chief  Stand found weird Enraged Golems in the Temple , Camila was kidnapped , so went to rescue..

The Videos for evan quests (AFTER joining Black Wings) will be posted soon on Youtube~

Stay Tuned !

P/S i am waiting the Mushroom Kingdom quest bug to be fixed , if not another “pissed-off” will happen.


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