Posted by: xmanaphyx | May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Myself

Lol Happy Super Ultra ultimate Belated Birthday to me ,

Finally 15 years old , My Actual birthday was 27th of March

Yes , i make this so late because I have a novel ,  Training , School works to work out with . Pity me T_T

15th Birthday Celebrations !! What did i get ? Not much but better than nothing~

rOtiJon my guild-master gave me 2 Gifts ^_^

Rice Cake Hat

Christmas tree

Both items are the Slacking-Gears of Free Market channel 3 O_O

Thank you Jon~

iiEATCray0nz gave me Targa Helmet (2 Times , due to the 1st helmet was below and below average)

Thank you my Crayon , we bought xGontier branded Targa service , 30milions mesos and downed in less than 1/2 hours.(And the whole targa was killed by HIMSELF!)

While Xiiaohell gave me a triple-line mega congrats.

How nice is it ^_^

While I gave myself a warrior throne , it was a suffering process !!
To activate “Urban Warrior” Quest , you need to do :

Welcome to New Leaf City Quiz (Activates other quests)
Cleaning Up the street
Subani Legacy
Subani Legacy-Continued

So , how I finish Lost! , ReVersal and Featherweights such inconvenience quests?
Lost! :
I went to Omega Sector and hunt from Barnard grays

It was really messy to understand.. Some said the drops from Wolf Spider are April fools , some said don’t listen this , listen to me. @_@

Now for the most most most most time-consuming quest !
ReVersal :
I went Mountain Slopes and hunt from I.AM.ROBOT

It took me 3 hours to hunt it -_-
Tips : I went AFK for tuition and sat on the benches above the figure “NLC” and guess what i got after i came back from Tuition ?
Lots of I.AM.ROBOT shucked at the hollow “N” below me.. haha

Featherweights :
It was easy though , just use the ability of Boomer
Boomer : Summoned 2 Boomers when hitted.
Enjoy the parade of Boomers !!!

It took me totally 2 days to finish whole quests.. but worth it !

Thank You Mayor of New Leaf City

it was a High-class Sofa ^_^

Happy Birthday to me !
Happy Birthday to me !
Happy Birthday to Manaphy!
Happy Birthday to me !!!

P/S  I took part in the MapleSEA Bloggers Evan testers contest

Hope they would pick me 😮


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