Posted by: xmanaphyx | February 14, 2010

By fate~By Events~GMDLyones

As all we know.. Delphinus and Eridanus.. were counted as a lonely server . No GM would even want to chat us during events. No Interactions could be made between us. No active GMs appeared , not as happy as those GMAs.. until one day , by the dusk of Valentines day , i woke up from my nap , while i took a look on my MapleStory , i found suprisingly , there was an event.

Valentine ‘s Day Love Banner Dedication Contest

So it was really depend on my luck and fate , normally i never went for an event , but that day , it was held on Shanghai Wan-Tai . So i went to have a look on those contestants.
And i thought that GMs would even use “Hide” skill and afk as usual.
Until what i had seen is GMDLyones , The only GM in Delphinus history who interacted with maplers in Delphinus.
Shes Stylish , Cute , Gorgeous , and humorous .
(You all might say i am buttering her up , but indeed , i am so glad to see such a good GM who interact with maplers without caring her title – Game Master)
She chatted with us , and alot of maplers gave out questions.
And she was so good , i knew that all other servers ‘ players might say
(It is not insane to see GM who chat us , our servers do so also)
But it is rare to see GMs who chat us..
She put up her minds on a love banner , and hang in the blue sky of shanghai .

There are Crowds everywhere , and we cant communicate with GMDLyones until GMDLyones used a GM skill – Hide and vanished herself and ran onto the weapon shop roof . And we had a short period with GMDLyones among the crowds , nobody found us ,
So what I asked her were…

What did i asked?
1.Can you suggest Asiasoft to ask Nexon to change the Timer for Pink bean ? Since Taiwan MS took a 12 hours timer !!
Nexon thought us too pro , but i will ask asiasoft , but the decision is in their hands , but Evan will come soon 1st.

2.Can you online more often and chat with us like what GMACandyfey did? (At least GMACandyFey got mega and chat chat right? Aquilans)
I will try to do so , i enjoy chatting with you all.

3.Can you suggest Asiasoft to release Formosa? Taiwan map please?
Noted on Taiwan Map Suggestion

4.How old are you ?
Forever 21~in my heart

5.GM Gave us ang pau (By KeroKteropy ‘s Weather)
GMDLyones ‘s Mega :
i am not married , so cant give ang pau , Sorry~

i wasnt able to ask all the questions i want , the crowd sooner and later appeared..So GMDLyones started her run again , with us Indeed =)

And lastly she hid herself around the Potion stall of shanghai
why i know ? Because she casted GM Buffs regularly.
GM Buffs pro =)

And lastly she appeared again , and started running ….
and lastly she appeared with me privately at the corner of shanghai , next to the Shanghai Wan-Tai Maple TV.

And eventually , She buddied me O_O

So happy~
GMDLyones , u r the best GM ❤



  1. Haha, you’re one lucky fellow to have a GM in your Buddy List. 🙂

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