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3rd job Advancement

Hi all , By here , i shall share my story about my 3rd job advancement.
How to do 3rd job advancement?
1.Go And Find Roberia , the magician 3rd job instrutor

2.Then she will tell you that there are 2 parts of tests that you are needed to attend.

3.The 1st test – Obtain the Necklace of Strength by Defeating Grendel the Really old ‘s clone from another Dimension

Find Grendel the really old at Magic Library

Grendel the Really Old
Different jobs have different location of Dimensional hole
For Magician , it is at Forest of Evil II
It looks like this

Located at the Green dot there

4.Go inside by Double Clicking and go to the Deepest Part of the corridor.


A.Cast all your buffs before you proceed

B.Once you proceeded , Quickly Goes down attacked by the left side

C.For Clerics,if you have the patience , you can off Magic Guard and use the “Attack and Heal” method , but it is very very recommended to use Magic Guard

D.Prepare some Holy Waters or All Cures, and some MP Potions + MP & HP Recovery Potion like Elixirs, Power Elixirs, Gingle Ale

The Clone is hiding behind the Crystal left side

Clone info :

Grendel the Really Old’s Clone Level: 80 HP/MP: 90,000/820 EXP: 2,400 Mesos: ? KB: 1,500
Common Location: ? Etc. drop: -Black Charm
Ore drop:
Maker item:
Useable drop:
Weapon Att.: 170
Magic Att.: 335
Weapon Def.: 120
Magic Def.: 350
Speed: -50
Accuracy: 100
Avoidability: 10
Common equipment:
Warrior equipment:
Magician equipment:
Bowman equipment:
Thief equipment:
Pirate equipment:
Most effective magic:
Effective magic:
Less effective magic:
Non-effective magic:
Effective status:
Non-effective status:
Unique attack: -Shining Ray , Explosion , Ice Strike
HP Recovery/10 secs: 100
MP Recovery/10 secs: 20
Inflict status: Seal

It will use nerfed Shining ray , Explosion or Ice Strike to attack you.

It will use its summoning rocks to summon 2 Tauromacis once to disturb you


i took around 3Minutes by Pure Magic Claws .


Tauromacis Level: 70 HP/MP: 15,000/200 EXP: 270 Mesos: 340-500 KB: 1,000

According to the HP Amount it would be hard to KB for a  magician and it’s HP amount is quite high

So , Fight it or not is your chioce anyway.

5.After that , Take the Black charm that the clone dropped

Use the Crystal at the right side to warp you back to Eilinia Safely..

6.Find Grendel the really old to obtain your necklace of Strength

7.Get Back to El nath : Chief ‘s Residence where robeiria stays.

8.She will ask you to go to do the 2nd part of test – Wisdom Test

9.Go to Dead mine :Holy Ground at the SnowField

It can be accessed by a door at the right hand side of Sharp Cliff II

10.Start Answering its Quiz by offering a Black Crystal.

A Black Crystal can be refined with 10 Black Crystal ores at El nath.

10+Vogen(Vogen at el nath) = x1

There are 5 questions among all questions

WARNING:if you answer wrongly , if you have to offer another Dark Crystal again. Careful !

Cheat Sheet : Set 1
1. Which NPC cannot be seen in Ellinia?
Answer: Roel

2. Which monster has not appeared in Orbis?
Answer: Croco

3. Which is the highest lvl between Green Mush, Stump, Bubbling, Axe Stump, Octopus?
Answer: Axe Stump

4. Choose which combination of the medicine and the effect is correct.
(p/s This question said choose the correct one, but the answer actually choose the wrong one)
Answer: Sunrise Dew – 3000hp

5. Which NPC is not related to PET?
Answer: Vicious

Set 2
1. Which NPC cannot be seen in Henesys?
Answer: Teo

2. Which monster has not appeared in Maple Island?
Answer: Pig

3. Which item you give Maya at Henesys in order to cure her sickness?
Answer: Weird Medicine

4. Which town is not at Victoria Island?
Answer: Mushroom Town

5. Which monster is not at Victoria Island and Sleepywood?
Answer: Jr. Sentinel

Set 3
1. Which is not member of Alpha Platoon?
Answer: Peter Staff Sergeant

2. Which material doesn’t need for awaken Hero’s Gladius?
Answer: Fairy Wing

3. Which NPC is not at Kerning City?
Answer: Luke

4. Monster and monster’s drops, which is not correct?
Answer: Nependeath – Nependeath’s Leaf

5. Which monster can fly?
Answer: Malady

Set 4
1. Abnormal status and discription, which is not correct?
Answer: Weakened – Slowing player’s speed

2. Which NPC not seen in Orbis?
Answer: Sophia

3. Which quest required the highest lvl?
Answer: Alcaster and Dark Crystal

4. Which NPC not seen in Lith Harbour?
Answer: Shane

5. Which medicine and the effect is correct?
Answer: Pizza – 400 hp

Set 5
1. What NPC do we 1st meet in MapleStory?
Answer: Heena

2. How much experiences required from lvl1 – 2?
Answer: 15

3. Which NPC is not in El Nath?
Answer: Elma

4. Which job is not 2nd job advancement?
Answer: Mage

5. Which quest can be able to done repeatedly?
Answer: Arwen and Glass shoes

Set 6
1. Monster and monster’s drops, which is correct?
Answer: Strige – Strige’s wing

2. Which NPC is not at Perion?
Answer: Francois

3. Who is Alex the Runaway Kid’s father?
Answer: Chief Stan

4. In order to do 2nd job advancement, what will the job instuctor give after you have gathered 30 Dark Marbles?
Answer: Proof of Hero

5. According to the 1st job advancement, which requirement is correct?
Answer: Bowman – 25 DEX

Be Careful , you can use the “Minimize and maximize” method or “Window mode” method to do

11.After you had answered all the questions , you will obtain Necklace of Wisdom

12.Then , go back to El Nath and find Robeiria and proceed to be a Priest.


5 Ability Points

1 Skill Points

Hope you will get known about it =D


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