Hello Guys , i am xManaphyx

I Welcome you all to my personal Blog

I love to write diaries and also novels , interested kindly view and comment it ^^

If you don’t mind , you can still call me Manaphy

My Asiasoft forum nick is Manaphy

My Youtube Name is ManaRity.
I AM  NOT a pokemon freak !

Why i am named xManaphyx?

Because “Manaphy” , this Name is already in used.

So Which Server i am playing?


Which Job i am playing?

A Pure INT Holy-Class

Priest :

How Do i Looks like ?

i Looks like this..

A Naive look  :O

My Evan name is ManaRity and have a good look

What Does ManaRity means?
ManaRity is my own style (LOL) , A ManaRity person will love to have a tranquil , enjoyable , fun and thoughtless life , to explore the world !

i found many friends at Free Market Channel 3

a Well-known Slacking Channel at Delphinus.

You can learn your social well there .

You should try it !

My Current Guild is : Tomodachi

Which is lead by Jon the Great Also known as RotiJon , the Great NightLord

By here i shows you all my life being a pure int Priest . Or Bishop in future , As you all see , being a holy-class magician is not always a bed of rose , although it is always an apple of Maplers’ eyes when Partying , but sometimes , when you are alone , you might find it harsh to solo a strong monsters without others’ help.

So , i wish , indeed , i can become famous .

I believe myself , that , i can save the maple world !

(Too dramatic XD)

You Might say that i am sociable  but actually I am 🙂
I have many buddies

My Private Server friend lol


The Kawaii Girl who sometimes has a bad temper (Opps Kyou sorry)


The pervertic Night Lord


The Mystical Twins With almost same looks but entirely different

XiiaoHelI and XiiaoHell

My Niece xXiaoCleriic

These are the most active best friends among my BLs

The others are

xXMilky VayneStorm 29i184i PROTHIEF07

lLazyHeadl,Delgor xxBabyJianxx iNiic ,DustStony

iiEatCray0nz lol xQqBabyqQxxanimeboyxand Many Many Mores~

So What you Waiting for ? JOIN MAPLESTORY NOW !

And Read the articles listed there =3 >>>>

Kindly Really Thank you , we enjoy your comments and stays…





  2. You digimon freak , not pokemon freak =D


  4. Shock to see my ign LOL


  5. Hey^o^ I oso play Delphinus leh! My name is Greentea133 and is a Evan, now lv.56 and is trying to achieved lv.57 ^^

  6. Hi xManaphyx..I Just Dumb Guys who play maple but survey in forum 1st about best job 2 play..i still finding what job best 2 play(wish u give me ideal) u from malaysia??
    can u be my mentor???i want know more about maplesea because i retire play another online game like dota,mu online,wow,lol,mo siang,gun bound..urm…so many game i play…u have facebook???wish can chat in fb…..

  7. Hi! xManaphyx. I’ve got a message and its say that it is you. Wan me to check out my inbox. And what is the meaning of co? 😛 And if it is really you, pls let me know. o.O”

    • yes its me

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